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Our Why

LeapersLink was created out of a need to find answers to questions we've all asked ourselves. How do you find and build community when you're not in an office? When you've relocated to a new city but with no connections? Found yourself on the other side of the world seeking adventure but also a friendly face?

Many women find themselves looking for a space, whether in person or online, to be engaged and enlightened on the topics most important to us, professional growth, financial wellness and self care. We believe that connecting, empowering and uplifting women leads you straight to the answers you need to help you on your journey to finding your joy and best self.

We provide belonging to Black women who work remotely in their respective industries or entrepreneurial spaces, to build a powerbase of support for us!  

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Meet the Team



Hey There! I'm Dionne (she/her) pronounced Dee-Ahn. I've spent nearly my entire professional W2 corporate career working in a 'wall-less' work environment, long before it became the 'it' thing.  I'm often asked, "How have you done it?" Remote work, though very fulfilling and rewarding for me, admittedly isn't for everyone.  I've had to seek out my own community of support to help me navigate the complexities of working remotely.

Now, layer in being a mom. Eight years ago, it was nearly impossible to find other remote working moms to connect with. The LeapersLink 'virtual village' is the community I longed for earlier in my career and even more so now as a mom. In hopes of sparing others the agonizing time of driving to various professional societies and mom meet-ups to find connections in new cities or perhaps even in your own industry, the LeapersLink community allows intentional robust opportunities to connect with other remote working women on a local and global level (virtually, of course! 👋🏾)

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As a 10+ year remote employee and solo traveler I built and rebuilt social connections all over the world. At first I accepted the challenge of being fearless in new spaces, most times being one of, if not the only black woman around, whether in a board room or atop a volcano in Bali.

Reflecting on what I accomplished, I realized forging connections with other Black women specifically has lifted me the most. I wanted to build what I needed, both personally and professionally, to share our stories, provide support and make space for vulnerabilities we often don't show others. That's how LeapersLink was born. I was fortunate to find that support with my co-founder in our parallel journeys and now very excited to offer it to other Black women who need it.

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