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On-demand resources, support and empowerment when you need it most.

A Private Online Community for Black Women

When you join the LeapersLink village you get access to:
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  • Valuable Conversations - Access to a unique conversation space so we can talk about our shared experiences  and  challenges –with other women focused on personal and professional growth


  • Live Virtual Events - Deep dives on subjects to discover new ideas and elevate our skill sets


  • Video Interviews - Member Spotlight Series highlighting the AWESOME WOMEN  in the village


  • Curated Resources - Easy-to-understand tools and templates that will help you execute what you've learned


  • Experience and Expertise - The 2 things you can't teach but can leverage in making better more informed decisions across varying professional settings. 

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Who is the LeapersLink village for?

Membership to the LeapersLink village is currently closed. However, we're actively accepting applications. To reserve your spot for the next open membership wave, tap the JOIN THE WAITLIST button below!


During the next membership wave, you’ll receive your private link to join the village. From there, you can set up your profile and introduce yourself, access our member guides, and start engaging with the members of the village.

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